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All on 4

Zakažite konsultacije

* What is the ALL ON 4 method actually?

It is a concept that allows patients with toothless forks, yes they get complete rehabilitation, ie full dental string in upper and lower forks (fixed prosthetic work, which does not take off) and that same day after setup implant.


1. Significant cost reduction, all fixed work on 4 implants (previously 6 implants were required) without artificial bone upgrade and costly additional procedures.

2. Complete rehabilitation on 4 implants, two implants in the anterior segment of the jaw are straight, while two implants are in the posterior segment of the jaw (posterior region), inclined up to 45 degrees.

3. Prosthetic work fixed with special screws for implants, (patient cannot remove) no tooth loss when talking, chewing, sneezing. There is also no decay of food under the prosthesis.

* Who is the candidate for All on 4?

The concept of ALL ON 4 is primarily designed for patients who wear total dentures and patients who will be toothless very soon. Their teeth are in such a condition that they all have to be removed recently. We also ALL ON 4 also recommend patients where there are no conditions to place 6 implants especially in the posterior segments of both jaws. So with this concept they get fixed work on 4 implants.

* Other benefits of all on 4 concepts:

Significant improvement in quality of life

Complete fixed work on the day the implant is implanted, affects the patient's confidence, then completely preserved function, aesthetics, chewing, speech.

Shorter time from the moment of installation to the final prosthetic work

Placing the implant at an angle in the posterior region avoids costly and demanding artificial bone supplementation procedures, which require a certain period of time from implant placement to making prosthetic work on them. With the ALL ON 4 concept, the whole process from implant placement to prosthetic work is done at the same time.


The ALL ON 4 concept stabilizes bone level and prevents further bone resorption (further bone loss) by placing two implants at a 45-degree angle in the posterior segments of the jaw.

In fact, ALL ON 4 is the right solution for patients who want fixed prosthetic implants, but do not have the conditions to place 6 implants. (common implant therapy).

ALL ON 4 is a bridge that is fixed to 4 implants with screws. As mentioned earlier, a fixed bridge is made as soon as the implants are installed and the screws are fixed to the implants. Such a bridge is temporary and the day after surgery it attaches to the implant position. After 2-4 months, definitive work is being made.