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Dental Tourism

If you are thinking about dental services in Serbia, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to meet your needs.

Advantages of dental treatment in Serbia:

  • Top quality materials and the treatment identical to those that are provided in any other dental practice in Western Europe
  • Significantly lower prices
  • Highly Professional team with long experience that is constantly perfecting the art
  • Accommodation provided for free if the price of dental work exceeds 2000 euros
  • free transfers provided: from the airport to the apartment / hotel and from the apartment/hotel to the practice (everyday)
  • possibility of scheduling several months in advance

We offer a lifetime warranty for implants and five years warranty for fixed and mobile dental work.

How does it all work (step by step):

Step 1 - Free treatment plan

First thing you have to do is to send us a digital x-ray snapshot of your teeth with your comments to our e mail address that is indicated on our website. After analysis of your snapshot, our professional team will sent the proposal of what should be done (a detailed treatment plan) and of course what is the price of the proposed treatment.

Step 2 - Your arrival in Belgrade

If you are ready to agree with the treatment plan proposed by our team, and we manage to determine the most convenient time of your arrival according to your plans and our availability, All there is left to be done is that you send us information about the exact date and time of arrival, so that we can arrange all the details (transfers and accommodation if needed).
On the first day after arrival, we always organize a short meeting in the office, so we can meet in person and agree about all the arrangements for the upcoming days.
No advance payments are required!

Step 3 - Completion of the work and final check-out

Sometimes, very complicated works may require an extension of stay of one or two days in order to make a final check of your work and to make sure that everything is. If there is no need for additional checks and we offer you free transfer to the airport.