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Teeth’s whitening is the most common dental procedure in the world. There are several methods of whitening, and basically they all fall in two categories: home and professional teeth whitening. For both processes is very important that they are carried out under the control of the dentist. Getting familiar with the intensity of your discoloration and effect you want to achieve, together with you the dentist will determine which of the two methods is best suited. With home whitening methods you receive individually designed splint to wear at night, and the results are controlled during regular check ups.

In Dr. Djordjevic’s dental practice we have the most advanced equipment ZOOM 2 chairside whitening system for tooth whitening in dentistry. The process involves the preparation of the patient, determining the current color of the teeth (for later comparison and assessment of the success of the procedure), gum and soft tissue insulation, application of whitening gel (25% hydrogen peroxide), lighting by zoom 2 lamp and eventually applying substances for desensitization and shine.

Teeth Whitening by this method is absolutely painless and safe. It should be noted that two weeks after the whitening procedure you should not drink coffee, tea or dark colored beverages. There is a possibility that during the process slight tooth sensitivity may be felt, but this is completely normal and poses no danger, since shortly after the treatment any potential symptoms will disappear. The result that we get with proper oral hygiene is time consuming. It takes only one treatment of 60 minutes to have your teeth completely white.